MS and PhD positions in integrative stress physiology

The Wada lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at Auburn University is looking to recruit a MS and/or PhD graduate students to join our lab in Fall, 2022. We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated students interested in stress physiology. Specifically, we are interested in how cellular and organiamal stress responses are linked and testing the new Damage-Fitness Model. This project is supported by a NSF CAREER award to Haruka Wada and NSF IOS award to Haruka Wada, Tonia Schwartz, Todd Steury, and Vinamra Agrawal.

Interested applicants should contact Haruka Wada. Please include in the email your CV, an overview of your research interests, GPA, and a description of past research experiences in physiology and cell biology. Please feel free to contact Haruka if you have any further questions about the funded project, the application process, and/or the graduate program at Auburn University.


Prospective graduate students and postdoctoral associates

Department of Biological Sciences offers a Masters of Science (M.S.) and a Ph.D. degrees. My lab is a part of the Physiological Adaptations and Functional Genomics core group in the department and actively interacts with other labs with complementary interests. As a lab member, you will be a part of a synergistic group of researchers. If you are interested in joining the lab as a graduate student or a postdoc , please email Haruka.

Department of Biological Sciences Graduate Studies Website

Graduate School Application Process

Cellular and Molecular Biosciences Graduate Program


Prospective undergraduate research assistants

Undergraduate students are integral part of my lab and we are always looking for motivated and dedicated students who wants to assist and gain experience in research that will help reach your career goals. Past students in my lab contributed to various projects, ranging from sample collection, animal care, dissection, wet lab procedures, to behavioral observations. At any given time, multiple projects are going on in my lab which may be at various stages (experimental design and planning, sample collection, sample analysis, data analysis, manuscript preparation). If you are thinking of going into a career in research and would like to join our lab, please read and fill out the application form.