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MS and PhD positions in cellular and organismal stress physiology

The Wada lab is looking to recruit a MS and/or PhD graduate student to join our lab in Fall, 2017. We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated students interested in stress physiology. Specifically, we are interested in how cellular stress responses are orchestrated by stress hormones such as glucocorticoids and how stress hormones influence the heat shock response, ROS production, and oxidative stress.

The project is supported by a 5-year NSF CAREER award to Haruka Wada. The student will receive RA support and also be expected to TA as part of his/her graduate career to gain teaching and mentoring experience that will be vital for his/her future career. The student will be encouraged to conduct research both directly related to and outside of the funded project.

Interested applicants should contact Haruka Wada at Please include in the email your CV, an overview of your research interests, GPA and GRE scores, and a description of past research experiences in physiology and cell biology. You can find out more about our department and our graduate program at Please feel free to contact Haruka if you have any further questions about the funded project, the application process, and/or the graduate program at Auburn University.

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